Sun is Shining

The sun is shining here in Northern California. And we are not complaining :) James loves to be outside. Some of the activities that have brought us outside recently are...
Brad was put to work on my parents side yard and my dad was mowing the lawn. James loves lawn mowers (and vacuums). So he hitched a ride for a while with Grampa Pat.
We bought a little gardening set (for $1 at awesome Target) so he could play in the dirt. We got a little area all ready for him and he was so happy "digging" away, watching us dig, destroying anything that took shape, and partaking of the earthy dirt. Yum.
This last Saturday we got to hang out with Neil, Sherrie, and Audrey. We went to an amazing playground for the little one-year olds. James was fascinated with the bark, so he had to see what it tasted like. I kept my eye on him to make sure as little as possible actually got in the mouth. We loved spending time with them :)
Last night we were able to go over the Grampa Jim and Gramma Chris' house for dinner and playtime. Brad introduced the three-wheeler to James, who handled it better than I do (I am so not an adventurer). He got to pet Pepper the dog, Ella the cat (who used to be ours), and a horse. And he loved it all :)


  1. Cute. Riley loves being outside too. Although she hasnt eaten bark but she does eat paper...gotta keep an eye on those kiddos! :0) Miss yall.

  2. He so loves being outside! Enjoy our weather while you can! ;)