Happy with Life

Some exciting stuff has been happening around here.  Though there is one very unexciting event happening (Brad still has no job), there has been a lot of good things in our life.  Just to name a few...
1- We heard from these guys 
First grad school to hear back from and it is a yes. We are very excited to be hearing back from grad schools finally and figuring out where we'll be for the next few years! 1 down, 4 more to go!
2-I switched OB's this week!  And I am beyond happy with this! Ok, so due to medical coverage, for the first two month's of this pregnancy I had to go to a certain doctor that would accept me. A simple way to describe this doctor and his office: g-h-e-t-t-o. I mean, wow.  My doctor was nice, but just not very thorough. More to that story, but we'll leave it at that :) So I did some research and found a great doctor, whom I see at the end of the month. Yay! There has been so much stress with insurance and doctors here, that to finally have it end... sigh of relief.
3- Though previous doc not great, did get to see Chip a second time! I was surprised when the doctor said we'd be doing another ultrasound at a 15-week appointment. Ah, well... not going to complain. I could look at Chip all day :)
Kind of freaky face shot
4- Though this happened a few weeks ago, we got to celebrate a special someone's birthday. I love this girl to death, she is my bestie! I made her cake- a sticky lemon cake- and I will say it was yummy.
5- This happened way back in mid-January: we sold our apartment contract! Why is this amazing now? I tell you: before we decided to "stay" in Rexburg, we sold our contract twice.  Yes... twice. But we didn't feel good about leaving. Things changed, feelings shifted, let's move to California! Contract not sold. Oh bother... I was kind of freaking out about it. Then, a miracle occurred (I'm serious- it is a miracle to me!) -someone bought our contract! Saved us a ton of money! So contract sold, landlady told us our leftover check would be in the mail.  We waited and waited. I had given up on that extra mula because I really really did not want to stress about it. Brad... well... he didn't let it go. He never called to bug them, but he was so impatient for that money. Last week he was bound and determined to call and demand we get money back. Then what arrived in the mail for us this week?  A check... from our previous apartment! Very happy indeed :)
6- As stated before in other posts, I love rain. I also love rainbows. The other day, of course, it rained. Brad, Rach, James, and I had done a little shopping and were on our way home when we saw a perfect rainbow. I mean, perfect- you could see all the colors, no fading out, a full arch. It was beautiful and I loved seeing it
7- Our little boy is a constant joy to us. Am I a perfect parent? Ha- I wish! I lose my patience, I get fed up, I get tired and grumpy... and so does he :) But I love him with all my heart and thank my Heavenly Father every day he is in our lives.


  1. YAY for U of Oregon! So exciting. Ryan got into Oregon this week too but we aren't going there :-(

    And yes, James is ad-or-able!

    We sold our contract too this week! THank heavens because I'm not sure how we would have paid for those months if we weren't living here. Pretty scary making decisions without tying up loose ends. I hate that. BUT with faith and being obedient...things happen. So happy for you guys!

    We miss you!!

  2. Blessings, blessings and more blessings! Greatest blessing? Family! Thanks for being my daughter and taking care of me while I have been sick this week. I know just how you feel about motherhood and James... only for me it's the SCAR bunch! and the grandkids from them! ;)

  3. We are so happy for you.
    Bishop Fillmore

  4. Glad to hear the update! I love long updates. :)

  5. Congrats! I am glad things are going well. James is such a cutie. He will be a great big brother! :D