Baby in my Belly

First off, Happy Valentine's Day! If you know me, you know this is my favorite holiday :) What can I say, I'm a sucker for love!  And here are my Valentine's:
Onto other things... so the secret is out, we are pregnant!  And oh so excited to be!  We feel truly blessed struggling to get pregnant the first time, that the second time was so much easier.  I almost didn't believe that it really can happen when you want it to :)
The pregnancy is going amazing
-- I am 14 weeks tomorrow- officially second trimester! Flew by. Though the first few weeks did  sort of drag.  I think it might have had to do something with finding out a week earlier than we did with James, moving, and holidays
-- Morning sickness is different this time around.  I thought I had it good with my pregnancy with James- well, I am spoiled and got it even better this time around.  I have been starving this pregnancy!  Week 4-8 was hunger mixed with nausea (hunger always won), week 9 nausea, then it's been mostly hunger with very slight nausea.  
-- Only one for sure craving: toasted bagel with cream cheese.  And I tell you what... when I first got it, it was heaven
-- I am not just tired... I am exhausted.  I am putting my money on the fact that this time I am a mommy as well as pregnant!  Naps are my new besties :)
-- I am getting massively bad headaches- like almost migraines.  I got some with James, too, but they are worse this time.  But I am finally figuring out ways to nip them (because Tylenol doesn't work on these ones)
-- I started showing at Week 9.  Second pregnancy does that to ya!
-- In regards to gender- I had a 'feeling' when we found out, then it switched when we saw Baby on the screen.  Sooo... no matter what, at one point or another I was right :) I have a 'feeling' right now, and I'll let you know if I'm right when we find out.  We really don't care what we have.  It'd be fun to have a girl, but I would just love another little boy! 
My due date is August 16th, but that will change once we set the date for the c-section.  I was planning on seeing if I was a candidate for a VBAC, but the Dr. right away (without me even asking) informed me that the hospital here doesn't do VBAC's because of the staff they'd have to keep on in case it went badly.  Which is fine by me- either way, we get a baby.  James and Baby will be just over 19 months apart.  We are in for an adventure!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Good job at keeping details with your 2nd pregnancy. I find is so interesting too. I'm so worried about how exhausted I'll be when we have get pregnant again.

  2. You look so cute! That's all exciting :0)We need to talk! I'll try and call you this week :0)

  3. Oh my gosh you look so cute! I'm glad this pregnancy is going well. Except those migraines. What are you doing to nip them? Cause I used to get them when I was pregnant and Tylenol never worked either. Just curious, for future reference. :)

  4. I LOVE pregnancy updates! So, keep them coming!! I want to know everything (well... almost everything...) :) Thanks for sharing!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to find out the gender and if you're right!

  5. OH my gosh you are SOO CUTE!! Holy cow!! THat is the cutest baby bump I've ever seen! I'm really happy for guys!

  6. 19 months is a piece of cake :) I'm glad things are going so well (except for the headaches) You look amazing as always!

  7. that's SOOOO exciting Amy! And you look uber cute...(of course)...congrats on making it to week 14! I love getting to that week and seeing the nausea disappear!

  8. I'm jealous that you are outside without a jacket. You are making me miss California