What's in a Name?

We have an official guess and baby name submission.  Who from?  Why the most accurate and brilliant person in the world: Rylee, our 3 1/2- year old niece :)
According to adorable Miss Rylee, we are having a girl and her name is Chip.  Can I just say I love little kids and what they have to say?  I got a text from my sister-in-law, Linzi, informing of Rylee's discovery.  Then last weekend my parents and sister were in Utah with the rest of my family.  Rylee also told them of her prediction.  
Though it is tempting to put Chip on our list of girl names (which is very short- we need help!), I have decided that while Baby is still cooking all cozy in my tummy the baby shall be (nick)named Chip. 


  1. Are you looking for cute simple names like James or one more different? I can tell you lots of names I've heard at work recently.

  2. That's so cute! :) Love little kids!!
    I love the name Jane, but we probably won't use it (we have others on our short list for girls, and we aren't having that many kids!!) But Jane might be too close to James? Hmmm... I like Presley, too, but that's pretty unique, not everyone likes it. Good luck picking one if it's a girl!!
    We only have one boys name we like, so we are only allowed to have one boy. :)

  3. That is so cute. Aren't Riley's just the cutest things ever?...(I MIGHT be biased) :0)

  4. I have always had a MILLION girl names, so i'll pass my list on to you, if you find out you are having a girl. If Jake was a girl, I was going to name him Reese. There are tons of interesting names out there...marissa use to have a friend named Capri. Crazy. I love the name Rylee too..that is why Marissa's middle name is that. It was her first name up til the week before she was born, until "someone" talked me out of it.