Not In Idaho Anymore

I love California winters. Why? Simple- rain. Not snow, rain. It rains so much here. And I cannot get enough of it (well, yeah, I can when it won't let up). Last week we got solid rain. But we finally got some sunshine this last Saturday (and today, I might add. I am lovin' it!).
What do you do on a beautiful sunny day? Go to the park! We decided to take James to the park a few blocks from my parents house. He has never been to a playground before. I know, what terrible parents we are! Excuse: by the time he was old enough to go on a swing and what not, it had already turned cold/snowed a bit in Idaho. Then, like said before, we get lots of rain here in the winter so everything is soaked. But not Saturday! Of course, I documented the momentous occasion. He went on the swing first- loved it! Slide- eh. We'll work on that one :)


  1. Fun, wish we could go out and do that now....don't worry my James didn't get his first swing ride until October (when we actually had a couple of crazy nice days). I'm surprised James doesn't like the slide - maybe in the future.

  2. someone loves the swing! audrey loves to swing in ours too :)