A Trip for Two

I am not a big fan of airplanes. Nope, not at all. They are too small, too stuffy, too claustrophobic, too close to strangers, too full of germs. BUT... and it is a big BUT... they help us travel to loved ones sooo much faster so therefore, I do love planes. Why am I saying this? Because a wonderful airplane took James and I to California and we had a simply fabulous time. There is no place like home :)
Brad and I had wanted to take a vacation to California during the 7-week break before Fall semester, but with his work he had already taken off his max time for our two family reunions. At least the vacation time was used to see family we were going to try and see so really not too much of a loss there. But I still wanted to visit home. So... I planned a trip without the hubby and made sure it was okay to ditch him for 9 days. He gave me the go-ahead. He loves me :)
Our trip was full of fun: a trip to Apple Hill, a visit with my grandma/James' grandma-great, Halloween celebrations, seeing friends, being with family, visits with my in-laws, and a wickedly fun trip to San Francisco.
More posts to follow because there is just TOO much for one post!

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  1. ...and a grand time was had by all! Thanks for coming sweetie! Thanks to Brad for sharing you two with us! :)