Calling All Cuties!

Cold weather has struck Rexburg! I do believe the "hottest" it will get around here will be 60. Brrrr!! Do we have much fall/winter accessories for little James? Apparently not... so we had a shopping trip!
James and I headed down to IF hoping that the mall would be more stocked than it usually is with baby clothing (surprise- it wasn't). We went to Gap to look at their baby things, when surprises of surprises, they are having a nationwide casting call! So, of course, we are entering James. Knowing we are partial, we think he's the cutest little thing :)
I have already submitted two out of five pictures. Please vote for James! If you go here, you can create an ID to vote for who you think is the cutest baby/child and then go to the gallery to vote. I know a lot of you have your own little cuties or are related to one, so I understand completely if you choose to not vote for our little guy. But... if you don't... please vote for James! You can vote one time (per picture or just the one time, I'm not sure), every day, until November 17th.
When you are ready to vote, go to the "Gallery" tab. Then search by our member name- west918. This way you can see all the pictures we have added of James. I might add one more... I don't think I'll do all five pictures.
Thanks to all those who vote!PS- we did find a way cute beanie at Wal-Mart for like $2. Now we just need some mittens and a thicker hat for nights and we'll be set... I hope...



    I definitely worked at the GAP for almost 2 years and that casting call is so fun! I hope he gets it!!

  2. I had trouble finding James under your member name or through looking at all the baby boys. Maybe I'm just stupid.... :)

  3. Op I found him. You had a dyslexic moment when you typed your member name on your blog. Check it out, :)