True Waterbug

A week before we went to Snowbird, we took James to the Splash Park here in Rexburg. I was kind of nervous for his reaction to water. He loves his bath but I know that doesn't always mean that babies will then love water out of the bathroom. But.. He didn't hate it! Mind you, Brad and I just kind of got him a little wet since it was busy and the little place for babies was being occupied by cute little girls, but he liked it anyhow :) Next step: pool time!
Snowbird has an awesome kiddie pool. I didn't want to take James to the kiddie pool at first because I was nervous for other kids splashing and I am just not a big fan of kiddie pools. But it was really fun! There is this little pool with steps and the water runs down it and the deepest it gets is like 2-2 1/2 feet. We got him in that first and put him in the float our sister-in-law Linzi let us borrow (thanks a ton, by the way!). He could not stop smiling- we loved it! We then ventured over to the bigger pool and took turns pushing his float or holding him in the water.We went swimming with Julie's family and just had a blast with them. Julie taught Brad how to make James hold his breathe so he could put him under the water. So James has now also gone under water! James didn't fuss at all and we finally decided to get out when we felt how pruney we all were :) We can't wait to take James in the water again!


  1. lucky... so how do you teach them to hold their breath?

  2. Perhaps this weekend at the hotel you could take him in the pool again!

  3. Beautiful pictures...
    thanks for sharing....

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  4. for holding his breath brad would blow in his face really hard so james would automatically hold his breath. then brad would just put his face in sideways and sweep it under and bring him back up. hope that made sense :)