Donut Falls Hike and Tram

This year at Snowbird the hike we did was Donut Falls. It was a really nice, easy hike to do. The scenery was, of course, beautiful. The weather smiled upon us and it wasn't too hot or too cold to do the hike either.I asked why it had such a silly name like 'Donut Falls' and I was told that the water had eroded the rock it fell on till it had worn out a hole in the middle- much like a donut! When we got up to the falls I was sad to see that it looked like there had been a rock slide and much of the 'donut-hole' had been covered so you can't see its true effect. But still pretty neat to see!
Donut FallsGrandpa Jim, Brad, and baby JamesBrad and JamesBrad crossing the logHe loves water bottles. Whatever keeps them entertained, right?James, the happy hiker!
The day we had Brad's dr. appointment, the family had designated that day for hanging out at the Snowbird Center where there are lots of activities to do. Sadly, we had to miss out on that day. But my thoughtful mother-in-law saved us two coupons to get $10 off a day at the Center and had us go a different day. Thank you, Chris!
First, we wanted to take James on the Tram. It is the lift that takes the skiiers up to the top of the mountain to 11, 000 feet! It really was the only activity I wanted/allowed James to go on. He really enjoyed being at the top of the mountain with the wind blowing, but actually didn't like the Tram ride so much. He loves to be out and about and fusses when he's in one place for too long. But we still had fun!
The three of us on the Tram, waiting for take offThe view- plus two cute boysFather and son
We then took James back to our place so Chris could watch him while we did other activities. We got my father-in-law, Jim, to go on the Peruvian with us. They had gone it that one day and he said he wouldn't mind going again so he went with us! And we thoroughly enjoyed his company. The Peruvian is a chairlift that takes you through the mountains. So pretty! You then can get off and walk through this tunnel to the other side of the mountain. We did just that. While hanging out on the mountain Brad showed off his throwing skills by hucking rocks to see if he could hit snow patches or the dirt road. Oh, the fun boys have :) I would of joined in, but let's be honest- I would have just embarrassed myself. We then hopped back on the chairlift to take us back. It was so cold! I'm so glad I wore my jacket for that ride!
After that activity, we bid Jim farewell and headed to the zip-line. Here, we could have done the Alpine Slide or the Zip-line or both. I was feeling guilty about leaving James with them (I know I shouldn't- I'm still getting used to leaving him with people) so I didn't want to do both. We then assessed the lines and decided to do the Zip-line. It was way fun, though not very adventurous. And poor Brad- they have you put your feet up on the door and make sure you are all locked in your harnesses before releasing you and give you a good push out the door. I went sailing right away. I looked back to see how far behind Brad was and he was barely out the door, hardly any speed! I asked him what happened and he said for some reason the guy didn't push him and he went out the door and the door hit him on the arm! He was none too happy but was still able to enjoy the rest of his zip-line ride.
I would have taken pictures of the Peruvian and Zip-Ride but my camera's battery died. We're using my parents old camera and we had just gotten it and I had failed to notice the extra battery included. My bad :)


  1. I am impressed that you went on the zip line... good for you! Fun stuff!

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