Dr's Appointment

Brad has been trying for quite some time to finally get a settlement for his hand/arm injury that occurred three years ago. Brad tried a doctor in California and was finally able to go see him our last trip when they informed Brad that the doctor couldn't do it- it had to be a Utah doctor with the right paperwork to fill it all out and complete it. Nice bit of information to have :)
Since we were headed down to Utah for the family reunion, Brad set up an appointment to get it all taken care of. It went pretty good. The doctor checked his nerves and feeling in his fingers (still not very good, but not bad). He said to Brad, "You know, congratulations for coming out so well in what could have been a horrible injury." And that is the perspective we try to keep. Yes, Brad can't feel parts of his left hand and has lost some muscle use. But you know what- he still has his hand and can move it pretty well. His nerve has recovered rather well considering what happened to it. The doctor also said, "But don't worry- I won't cheat you out of anything!" which was another nice thing to hear because Brad does suffer from this injury. So hopefully we'll be hearing back about what the settlement for his disablement is soon. We're just grateful it is coming to a close.
While we were out and about we were supposed to take care of some shopping for the family. We looked everywhere (well, it felt like everywhere) to find a grocery store or a WalMart or a Target- nada. Brad is such a great guy- he has no problems asking people where stuff is. I'm way too shy to do that. Another reason to love him. Anyway, at a gas station we found out where a WalMart was- yay! Bigger plus- it was a SUPER WalMart! So we could get our personal shopping and grocery shopping all done at once! I'm all for hitting two things with one stone!
We found the WalMart and were amazed. This is the nicest WalMart we have ever seen!! So I took a picture of course!On all of our driving adventures that day, James was a trooper. He fell asleep while we looked for stores and looked simply adorable. Again, I took a picture of it. We've got a stud for a son :)


  1. Yea for finally get something taken care of with Brad's hand! So funny thing, when you were talking about an amazing huge Walmart I right off thought of this one we had stopped at last time in Utah to look at baby stuff (did you see their baby section, also huge!!) and I scrolled down and saw the picture of it and sure enough it was the same one. :) Funny the simple pleasures in life!

  2. So is that the Centerville Walmart? It looks just like it. Wonderful place. I'm there very Monday morning stocking up on groceries to feed my three hungry men!

  3. ha- that is funny bek! this is the walmart just before little cottonwood canyon by slc. i don't know if that is by centerville. but, yes, very impressed. and baby section very nice :)

  4. A nice Wal-Mart... is that an oxy-moron or what? I'm happy the dr. was positive. That is great news! And your son is adorable... but then, he is my grandson! ;)

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