Snowbird Family Reunion

Every year, the last week of July Brad's family has a family reunion in Snowbird, UT. The last time I was in Snowbird was when Brad and I were engaged- so five years ago. Things always seem to come up or we have been too far away to go, but this year we were determined to make it! And we did! It was so much fun and so many things happened that I'll break it down for different posts.
The family reunion is all of my mother-in-law's side of the family staying at their family's timeshares. I've met some of Brad's cousins more than others so it was fun to see ones I knew and also to get to know others. We drove down this last Sunday and stayed until Thursday. We wish we could have stayed the whole week, but Brad is working a 15-hour day today so just wasn't possible.
The last time we saw Brad's parents was when we were in California last so it was so great to hang out with them and have all our time be with them since our time in CA is always split between our two families. I just love watching James get to know his grandparents and cousins. The only sibling able to make it this year was my sister-in-law, Julie, and her family. Her kids were so cute around James. Ashlyn could make James smile so easily. Megan just loved to hold him and play with him. Carly was such a ham around him- she would dance with him, be so happy giving him a kiss on the lips, telling people James thought she had beautiful eyes, just such a cute little character. Adam was a little more shy but would watch James from afar- he did enjoy James's tower of rings :)
What we did while we were there: went to a dr's appointment for Brad's hand/arm injury, hiked Donut Falls, Snowbird Center fun-ness, bought t-shirts, baby shower for new moms this year, pool time, and just fun being around everyone. Stay tuned!
James with Grandpa JimJames with cousin AshlynJames playing on the floor


  1. I'm so sad and jealous to have not been there too! This was the FIRST year in 5 years that I MISSED, so we were bummed, hopefully next year we'll all be there together!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! That is great! :)

  3. i bet james loved having those girl cousins love on him nonstop. we were sad not to make it this year.

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