Island Park Getaway

Brad hasn't really seen a whole lot of Idaho, except for Rexburg and Idaho Falls... and believe it or not, there is more to see! Which is why I'm SO glad we were able to go up to Island Park this last weekend to stay with some friends at their cabin so he could see it up there. I've only been to Island Park once so I was really glad to go again as well. On the way up there, we were able to see the Tetons in the distance, which Brad has been trying really hard to see on our clear days. He was so distracted by them he kept going into the other lane... after like the fourth time I asked him to look at the road instead of the mountains. He did.It was us, the Jackson's (Becky and James), and the Wyatt's (Stephanie and George) from our ward. We had soo much fun! Another perk of going up there: we were able to get our Christmas tree!! Permits for cutting down trees in Idaho are only $10- heck yes we were going to do it! I love our tree. And Brad got to use an axe (though George did most of the work cutting it down).
We haven't had any snow stick in Rexburg yet, so it was also nice to be in snow. That is, until you sink in and it gets in your socks and shoes and by the end you have no feeling in your feet. I kept trying to follow in other people's footprints so I wouldn't sink too much.We were also able to go see Big Springs, where the Snake River begins. It was so cool! You can see the water bubbling up from the springs and then heading down it's way to form the river. The water is crystal clear- thus why Brad and George decided to drin some of it. I'll admit, I freaked a bit. But luckily Brad didn't get sick- I worry too much!There is this bridge that when you look over you see these HUGE fish (I think trout) just hanging out below. Becky got some fish food but they weren't that interested- but the ducks enjoyed it!It was so nice to get away before this finals week and just relax and be with friends! We stayed up waaaay too late, ate lots of food, and played lots of games. Brad and I are a huge game couple so it was so nice to actually play games where you need more than 2 people!We got home just in time from our little adventure too, because Monday morning we woke up to this:This isn't the first snow fall of the season, but it is the first one to stick! I was giddy, not going to lie. I was worried we weren't going to have a white Christmas- I'm sorry, if I'm stuck here for Christmas it had better be white and beautiful!
Last night we finally put up our Christmas tree... after 2 Wal-Mart trips to get everything we need. :) Our tree is eclectic and I love it! We realized we need to buy some Christmas CDs because we don't have any- would of made the tree decorating a bit better. We did find a Christmas movie on TV- not the best, but it was Christmas! Now we just need to find a decent topper and it's complete!We are so ready for the break. I only have two more finals this week and Brad has a bit more and then we are done with this semester! Yay!


  1. Looks Like Tons of Fun Amy! I remember when I was little we always went and chopped down our own tree. I'm glad you are starting the tradition early, its so easy to put up an artificial one. But the real ones smell so good. You finally look pregnant. You make a very cute pregnant lady. Can't wait to meet James. When will you be back in California, so we can come up north and see him??
    Have a wonderful christmas!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to go to Island Park. I love that neck of the woods. Only a few more weeks until the baby comes!! Need help getting things ready? I'm free!

  3. I HEART THE CABIN! and your perfect tree.

  4. Looks like you had so much fun! Your tree is so beautiful! You aren't bad yourself... pregnant little mama! ;-)

  5. fun! i keep nagging neil that we need to get our tree up. glad you are enjoying your time before the baby comes! it'll be here before you know it...