A few weeks ago Brad was able to go to this econ. convention. Before he went, he asked me if he could buy a shirt and he told me the different options he could pick from. When he told me what the shirt he wanted to buy says, I busted up laughing. I still laugh at it. Well, he got it the other day and wore it today- so I took a picture!
I love it! I also love it because now he has a shirt from BYU-Idaho and it is from his major's department. For some reason, I find it kind of important- shows how far Brad has come. Which is pretty far in the world of school. He's amazing.
In other news, I am officially 35 weeks tomorrow- 5 more weeks to go! I feel like I'm a child turning 5 but going backwards because now I can count it on one hand (you know, when a kid turns 5 and they're so excited and say, I'm a whole hand! That's how I feel). My body has definitely hit the third trimester stage- I am feeling some pain these days. But it's totally worth it. I don't know if it's the holiday season or if it's just that he's almost here, but lately I have been feeling just so incredibly grateful for being pregnant. Brad and I feel so blessed and are so excited to meet our little one.


  1. Ohhhh!!! So cute! Our baby is having a baby... it's getting more and more real.
    Plus, we both like Brad's shirt... funny yet true!

  2. you blog is very good....

  3. LOL

    That is just awesome!

  4. YOU LOOK SO CUTE! I can't get over it! only 5 weeks left!! WAHOOOOO!