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It is a Saturday afternoon and I am at home... alone... how lovely. So since I find myself so "busy", I figured I would do all the tags I have been tagged with.
First up- picture tag from McKenzie. Instructions: Post the 3rd picture from your 3rd picture folder and explain.I'll admit, this really isn't from my third folder. My third folder has a bunch of other folders so I skipped it, then the next one was the same folder as the last picture tag, so this is my fifth folder. I think I can get by with it though. :) This is a picture of me and my siblings, in age order. There is Sam, Craig, me and Rachel and we are in front of the Rexburg Temple. Rach had just graduated from BYU and then we all came up to Rexburg to visit together. Good times.
Next tag: 8 Things, from my sister-in-law Jen.
1- The Gospel
2- Brad
3- My future family
4- My family
6- Animals
7- My views
8- School
1- "hecka" and get made fun of for it- still cannot break the Nor Cal habit
2- "Shut up!"- as in surprise, not being rude to everyone
3- "like"
4- "Heavens to Betsy" Brad gets annoyed by that one and I have no idea where I picked it up from
5- "Oh my gosh!" I have really boring phrases, don't I
6- "Freaking"
7- "Holy crap"
8- "I'm tired" that one has been for the past few months, but I say it often!
1- Obviously have a family
2- Finish my degree
3- Travel Europe
4- Go to a General Conference session
5- Visit Guatemala where Brad served his mission, though I am a bit scared to go
6- Take some more piano lessons just to polish up what I've lost from lack of practice
7- Visit more temples either around the US or the world
8- Live happily ever after :) (I blanked)
1- Baby essentials- last thing on our list. Brad and I have tried to shop for bottles, pacifiers, etc. but walk away each time we go down that aisle. So confusing/overwhelming.
2- Stroller. Okay, so this is the last thing on our list
3- Clothes for post-baby.
4- College paid for
5- Stay at home job for extra income would be nice
6- Not going to lie- I really want a kitten/cat right now. When do I not, though?
7- I know we're lucky our parents are only a 12-14 hour drive away, but I still want them closer.
8- New glasses and contacts, or a new prescription I should say. Have to wait till after the baby.
1- Sweden, where a large portion of my ancestors are from
2- England
3- Greece
4- France
5- Guatemala
6- Australia
7- Germany
8- Ireland
Most of these so I could see historical sites- I would die of happiness, no joke.
1- Main Street Cafe in Manteca, CA
2- Macaroni Grill
3- Elephant Bar
4- Chubby's in Manteca
5- In-n-Out- no one is allowed to mention it to me right now because I start craving it like crazy and there is nothing I can do about it.
6- Zupa's in Provo, UT
7- Mimi's Cafe
8- Red Robin- one is opening in IF and Brad and I are SO excited!
1- Gilmore Girls re-runs
2- Chuck
3- Iron Chef America
4- Pushing Daisies when I remember
5- Ugly Betty when I remember
6- Life
7- Sometimes The Office
8- Anything else that capitvates my attention
Last but not least, a tag from my other sister-in-law, Julie. This is a 7 weird/random things about myself.
1- I am kind of OCD about some things. Like I have to have things in patterns. For example, when I worked at Victoria's Secret, there were these jewel tins in this plastic holder-thing. They had several different kinds and I always had to put them in some sort of pattern or it would drive me insane.
2- I cracked my head open when I was in the third grade and to top it off, on my sister's birthday. Fell down a manhole, went to ER and got some stitches. Have no idea if there is a scar or not because it's underneath all my hair and I really don't want to shave off my hair to find out.
3- I LOVE cats. Always have. I remember being really young when my family lived in Sacramento and seeing a cat on our fence and begging my mom for one. Didn't get one. Later, in Ripon, a stray came to our house and I couldn't help but feed her. She was my first cat, Callie. My mom always says I prayed her to us.
4- I am a history lover, hence why it is my major. My love for history first started in the 6th grade when we studied the Ancient Civilizations. Then it continued onto high school and I knew then it was what I needed to do for college. Though it bugs me that when I say I am a history major/lover, people expect me to know every answer to their history questions. I'm not an Encyclopedia.
5- I love to dye my hair. I haven't done it for over a year now, so my hair is back to its natural color and it is driving me insane! But I cannot decide if I am going to keep it this way or not. I actually almost dyed it before I found out I was pregnant (so I'm glad I didn't) and don't feel comfortable inhaling all the dye smell while I am pregnant. Don't care if I can or not, don't feel good about doing that. So... we shall see what I decide on after he is born. But I always go darker, never lighter. I've done highlights like twice and really don't like them.
6- I love Valentine's Day. I don't care if it is a 'made up/commercial' holiday, why can't we have a special day to tell people we love them? I am a complete romantic so I really love V-Day. But I don't go crazy with it and Brad isn't allowed to buy me flowers around that time because they are so ridiculously overpriced.
7- I grew up in California, but I graduated from high school in Idaho Falls at Hillcrest High School. All of my other siblings graduated in California. The last year and a half of my high school career was in IF. I love it that I went there because it was an awesome school, but California passed a law where if you graduated from high school in CA you will never lose your residency. So... Brad keeps his residency, so do my brothers and sister, but I don't. Which will really suck if we ever move back and I want to go to school.
I think that was the last of them. I have to say these were actually kind of hard- I'll probably think of better things once I publish this. :) I suppose I should tag some people soooo.... I tag Rach, Shaylen, Christine, and Bekah- choose all of them or one, up to you.
On pregnancy note, I officially have 6 (or less- better not be more) weeks left. Almost there!

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