We Bleed Blue

One of the many wonderful attributes of BYU-Idaho is that the week of Thanksgiving we not only get Wednesday through Friday off for the holiday, we get the whole week. Gotta love it. Since Brad is basically not allowed to take the two days after Thanksgiving off, we decided to take an early vacation this past weekend. We chose exotic Utah! It seriously was a wonderful vacation full of seeing friends and family whom we love dearly! But I am a total nerd and forgot to actually take pictures of all of us visiting. I thought I was going to be so good at doing it, but I wasn't. Oh well- have to make another trip I guess. :)
We left Friday night and spent the night at his sister's, Julie, house. It was so great to see our little nephew, Adam, whom we haven't seen since his blessing in April. He seriously has the cutest smile!
Saturday we headed down to Provo. Brad and I are BYU Football fans (though Brad more than I) and this past Saturday also happened to be the big game between BYU and U of U so it was really hard not to spend the whole day in Salt Lake City to go see the game later that day, but we had more important things to do (though we did watch a majority of it on TV- so disappointing!) Highlight: Draper has an IKEA! We stopped by there to pick up some much needed things. I had actually forgotten about the game and the store was full of BYU and U of U signs. I actually gasped and looked down at what I was wearing to make sure I wasn't wearing any red by accident- I wasn't.
That day we got to see Rachel (my sister), Greg (Brad's younger brother), Craig (my older brother), and his wife, Angie. It was fun spending time with them all. Rach, Angie, and I even got a girl's night out.
Sunday something wonderful happened- we got to sleep in! Oooh the joy of it! I felt bad because we were there to see family and we spent the morning just sleeping... but we obviously needed it so the guilt quickly flitted away.
Since Rach's ward didn't meet till later in the day, we killed some time by walking around the Provo Temple. I hadn't walked around it in a long time so it was nice to take pictures and see all the new remodleing they had done on the outside. This first picture I really loved the leaves and thought it was neat you can see the Angel Moroni through the branches.For dinner we went to Craig and Angie's. It was nice seeing their place and getting to know Angie better. Then we went back to our hotel where Brad needed more sleep and Rach needed to get home, and I got to go visit one of my old roomates, Becca. I was only supposed to stay for a bit, but being Miss Chatter I stayed longer. But it was wonderful visiting with her- she is such a wonderful person!
We had seen almost everyone on our list of who we had planned on seeing- only had one more and luckily ,we got to see them on Monday morning. I've been friends with Megan since we were in second or third grade so she is a must when we go to Provo. Brad and I always love seeing her little family, especially her three-year old son. We also got to spend some time at the BYU bookstore and I got some great Cougar wear. I always have a hard time finding a girl's BYU shirt that I really like- sometimes they are just too girly! I had wanted to find one that says, 'I Bleed Blue', but I couldn't. I finally found a different one that I liked a lot- though I held it up to me to see if it would fit and forgot that I have a certain bump which throws off if I can wear something later or not. Got it anyways. Also, it was all on sale- how perfect.After visiting with Megan and shopping at BYU, we headed back up to Rexburg. But first we stopped back at Julie's and spent some more time with her and her family. We really appreciated all Julie did for us while we were there and talking with us- really helped us out and we loved spending time there.
Now we are home and trying not to take advantage too much of having no school this week- still have homework. Only two more weeks of school... then I can get a real break. Yeah right- I'll be four weeks away from my due date!


  1. I loved seeing you and Brad last weekend. I told Craig that I really feel like I got to know you a lot better in just a short time. Your last six weeks will go quickly!

  2. How fun, and you didn't come to see me. Its ok I forgive you. I was just thinking about which color we bleed- since you bleed blue- we are purple. My husband is a Utah alumni, but he grew up cheering for the Y so what ever team is in a better position for a bowl game- well we root for them. Hope you had a good thanksgiving.