Elder Westmoreland

I don't know how many people know this, but when I first "saw" Brad it was with pictures. We were selling our house in Idaho and my dad had to start his old job again. Well, for six months he stayed with the Westmorelands. For a summer trip, us girls drove out to California to spend a few days house hunting in Manteca and then to drive down to San Diego, and then back up to Manteca. During this trip we stayed at the Westmoreland's. I got to meet (or remeet) his parents, his brother Greg, and a few other members of his family. Brad was on his mission in Guatemala at the time, so of course his proud parents had some missionary pics on the fridge. My first impression: what a skinny missionary!
Since then I've always had extra-special feelings for Brad's missionary items since I first "saw" him as a missionary. I love looking at his things (especially pictures) and listening to him talk about his experience in Guatemala.
About a month ago we got an email from a family friend of Brad's family who is in our ward. Apparently there is a website still running with some of Brad's old mission photos. It is the home page for a bunch of missionaries, so obviously just click on Westmoreland and you'll be delighted with Brad's mission pictures.


  1. boy he was a skinny little missionary. how fun that you first met brad through his parents. haha!

  2. You probably know this, but Matt severed in the same mission as Brad. I think Matt came home just as Brad was leaving. I also think that all missionaries in cental america turn into skinny missionaries. Matt said he thought his sick feelings where normal until he got home and they went away. Missonaries are awesome though and always come back with great experiences.

  3. HaHa. How funny! Brad has such a baby face in those pics!

  4. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog (and for linking me). I went to Ricks College from 98-00' before I was married. I loved it! Rexburg is great..(and very different now from when I was there, I'm sure). Good luck!