Semi-Busy Bee!

I have a few things to 'announce'. And they are not listed in importance, just what comes to my scatter-brained mind.
First- Brad and I signed a lease this last Friday for an apartment in Rexburg! I had a minor freak out, but it's all good. It is at the place I wanted, the Village with the Fremont layout. We are both VERY excited to have a place now. A bonus about this place- the stairs are on the INSIDE of the building! No ice! Our lease starts April 15th, so either that day or sometime that week we shall be moving in! Happy day! Brad still hasn't applied yet, but we both prayed about it and concluded no matter what we know we are supposed to be in Idaho. I wish I could light a fire under Independant Study to just grade his tests, but alas I am powerless. But I will for sure post once we get the coveted letter of acceptance.
Second- my brother, Sam ,and his wife, Linzi, had their second baby! Another girl- Sadie Mae Dell. She was born on February 11th at 11:55pm. It's an interesting birth story, but Linzi tells it better so visit her blog for more info. I am so excited to be near our two nieces and be a part of their lives. I haven't really lived near or with my brother since I was in the 8th grade when he went on his mission, so I'm really excited to be near him and Linz as well. Good things all around!
Third- Brad's sister, Julie, had a baby boy on January 29th. They posted pictures on their blog, and he is so cute and BLONDE!
Fourth- these past few months I have been helping my mom a bit with starting her own business. She has started to make rag quilts, and in my opinion, they are freaking adorable. So the announcement is this: we finished her website today and it's ready to be visited! It is very basic, so bear with us. We were kind of in a bind and plan on upgrading and doing more down the line. This Saturday is the Yeah Baby Expo in Sacramento, so anyone in the area should come check us out. The comany's name is Snuggle Bunny Blankies. She's hoping it takes off, but even if it doesn't she really just loves making baby quilts.
I feel like there is more to say, but I truly cannot remember. But I can say I am really happy right now!

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  1. Semi- you are totally busy and getting alot done. Congrats on the apartment. I also looked at your mom's website. Good work on that one. Good luck at the Baby Expo.