Good Vibrations

I have found a new friend. Well, a friend to my legs.
I hate shaving my legs- not due to the effort I have to put forth, but because it KILLS my legs. I get horrible red bumps that burn on the bottom half of my legs, I cut really easily, and I have to do it way too often or else my legs hurt. I just HATE it. Both componets of shaving is rather difficult for me to get just right- the razor (or method of removing hair) and the shaving cream/substance to help soothe my legs.
I have tried almost every single razor known to women. Many a wasted dollar on my part in this area. I thought I had found a rather good one, but I was still getting cut at least once a month (January was bad- I bled all over my parent's shower). I would try waxing, but I have a low tolerance for pain and I didn't want to grow my leg hair out. Hello, married here! I attempted Nair last year. The first time it worked really well. But I had a hotel room to myself and could lounge around with this gunk on my legs while I watched High School Musical. Took WAY too long to get it all off and my room stunk sooo bad. Second time, burnt like crazy and nothing came off. Back to razors! Last night I purchased a Venus razor- the Venus Vibrance. The last time I tried Venus was back in high school, right after they came out. Wasn't all that impressed. This morning I used it and am totally sold! It has a little button to start these soothing vibrations while you shave your legs. I couldn't even tell I was shaving! I seriously had to turn it off to feel the razor on my legs and sure enough, it was working! My legs feel amazing! I haven't felt any irritation, which is awesome.
I haven't used shaving cream in years. When I was at Target last night getting my new razor, Brad was with me and asked me if I needed any shaving cream. We've been married for 3 1/2 years and he has never noticed he's never seen anything like that in the shower. Aaaah men! I informed him I don't use them because they irritate my legs. He was kind of flabbergasted. Pretty entertaining. Anyhow, this is one method I have now had for two years and has helped me out tremendously. Ready for it? K, here it is: The Body Shop. It's pretty common out here in California, not so much in Utah or Idaho. Their Coconut Body Scrub is incredible (or whatever scrub you want- it's what I use for my sensitive skin)! All you do is wash your body like normal. Then when you are ready to shave your legs, you take some scrub and rub it all over your legs. Rinse, and then shave your legs. So smooth! To be extra smooth, follow up with their Body Butter. You'll have the smoothest legs and smell pretty amazing too!

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  1. i've always used just the regular venus and have always liked it. i bet that body cream smells wonderful. i love coconut.