Grey Day

Aaaahhhh... today was a good (& BUSY) day! I woke up this morning and it was so beautiful out! I love love LOVE gray skies!! And I cannot decide which spelling of 'gray' I prefer: grey or gray. Hmm... besides the point. To me, a rainy and stormy day is so much more beautiful than sunshine! The clouds take such amazing shapes and different colors... then they either race across the sky or take their time moving. I love grey skies.
Today was my official first day of work! Wahoo! I stayed in my pj's all day! I was going to get ready, but I made a mistake so I spent the rest of my hours fixing my mistake. Oops. At least I realized I made the mistake on the first day, as opposed to a week from now. That would of been bad... because, of course, being Amy I made the dumbest-but-affected-everything-else mistake. Looks like an early morning tomorrow to keep the work up. But, hey, I'm up for it! It has now been... doing math in my head... taking a while... 13 months since I last had a job. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. For those who don't know, I'm working as an assistant for my cousin's real estate company. Just helping her with small things. It's nice- work at home, part time, no gas money... pretty good. Brad does enough commuting for the two of us! Poor kid.
Anyhow, my day was pretty good. My back hurts due to sitting in a wood chair all day at the computer, but hopefully this problem will be rectified with an inexpensive office chair.
And again... I love grey days!!


  1. Hey Amy-
    I like GREY personally, but I think you belong in England or something. Could you hook me up with a cute new blog background. I don't even know where to look for one. Yours always look so good.

  2. glad you are enjoying working. perfect that you get to do it in your pj's, that's awesome.