O Christmas Tree

It has finally happened... I am FINALLY in the Christmas spirit. I am usually ready and rearing to go right after Thanksgiving, but for some reason this year I've been lacking in the Christmas-love. I think what finally pushed me to succumb to it was we got our Christmas tree this last Saturday. Last night we got new twinkly-lights and decorated it so it's awfully perty! So thanks to the Christmas tree for it helped me be excited for Christmas. Now for the tale of the tree...
On Saturday we were supposed to go to the foothills to cut our own tree, but I was SUPER tired and kind of grinch-like and said no. We got to drive around the Manteca area at all the different lots. We set out around 10am, I believe. My mom fell in love with this tree at a lot off of 99, but wanted to look at other trees "just in case". We then proceeded to go to Target, Home Depot, back to Target, home to rest, another lot near Stockton off of I-5, back to Manteca, a lot behind Valero off of Union Rd., and then BACK to the original tree to purchase. What time did we end? Oh, 4:45pm. But I had fun... I actually enjoyed looking at all the trees. I just found it funny that we got to go to so many Christmas tree places, just to buy the original tree. After this, my dad wants to go artificial come next year. I am Pro-Fresh, so I hope they don't convert to the fakies. Due to parties and two burnt out strands of Christmas tree lights, we were unable to decorate the tree until last night. So much fun!! I love putting ornaments on and all the memories they bring. I got to put on the star- though the first time I tried, it was QUITE crooked! My dad had to go get the trimmers and took off a bit off the top. Then it looked perfect!
What is funny is that our cat, Missy, is IN LOVE with the tree!! It's so freaking cute! When Brad and my dad brought the tree in and got it standing up, she got in there so fast and was up on her two hind legs sniffing the needles. Now she takes all her naps under the tree and when she wakes up, she has to re-smell the tree. It's cute.
I am finally excited for Christmas. My whole family will be here, which will be the last time in many years. I'm blessed that Brad and I are able to be with BOTH families during the holidays, though it does get difficult to divide the time between everyone. I am excited for the holiday and for all the wonderful things it brings. I love watching people open gifts- especially ones I have gotten for them. I love making people happy!

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  1. i love the shot of the charlie brown bent over tree top. sounds like a fun time getting your tree. i was opposite this year, neil said let's get this one and i said OK :) glad you are in the Christmas mood now.