Music Shout Out

This is a little different because I am acknowledging a musical. It is one that EVERYONE should know and love. What musical? NEWSIES. Oh, do I love my Newsies. My siblings and I (mainly Rach and Craig) loved to rent this movie when we were younger. Christian Bale was probably my first celebrity "love"... still kind of is, but it is a very shallow "love". :)
Alright, in all seriousness, this musical is amazing. What perfect harmony these young boys have in the songs. I still get goosebumps on the last number singing. Racetrack is with young Les, waiting to see if any of New York City's underpaid labor children will join them in their justified cause. "When the circulation bell starts ringing, will we hear it?" "Nah" "What if the Delancey's come out swinging, will we hear it?" "NO!"... a slow build up of music as it climaxes to what sounds like hundreds of children singing, "When you've got a million voices singing, who can hear a lousy whistle blow?"
This movies was based on real events of the Newsboy Strike of 1889. Though I'm pretty positive there wasn't any singing or dancing involved, it just moves me how young orphans were able to stand up to a huge newspaper and change their world.
The way the songs are delivered is genius and the choreography is so much fun to watch! Thanks to my sister, I now own a copy of the soundtrack and love listening to it. It just gets me pumped. We recently painted our kitchen and we chose to listen to the Newsies soundtrack. So much freaking fun! It just makes you want to dance and belt your guts out. I mostly let Rachel sing and I mimicked her because I don't have the words quite memorized yet... I'm working on it. :) I love this movie and I love the music. I tried to find a video of one of the songs, but alas they are hard to find and I was unable to do so.
I close this with a simple line, "Go get 'em, Cowboy!"

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