Autumn is Coming

As I sit in my air-conditioned home, I find my thoughts turning to the upcoming season of FALL. We were lucky enough to have a decently pleasant summer here in the Central Valley, though this last week has been difficult- it seems to be that Mother Nature has remembered she hasn't given us enough 100+ days and is trying to squeeze them all in the last remaining weeks of the summer. I realize I am not a summer fan and can barely tolerate these heat-filled days. Which is why I am thinking of one of the most, if not THE most, wonderful seasons we have: Autumn. It is such a wonderful prelude to the cold months that lie ahead of us. Spring is beautiful, but autumn is so VIVID with the different shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown. I love it! Though not as much as my sister, who is on the side of obsession with fall. I am going to try and spread the joy of autumn and make a list of why I love this season.

Y Watching the leaves turn their brilliant colors

Y Taking walks and hearing the soft crunch of the leaves under my shoes

Y Starting to see my breathe outside in the morning

Y Wanting to have warm, homey suppers. And the perfect time to start calling dinner ‘supper’

Y Baking pies, pumpkin bread, banana bread, zucchini bread. Just baking!

Y I get to switch my summer clothes for my warmer (and cuter) clothes

Y At night, needing a warm jacket and maybe a beanie

Y The sun starts to go down earlier

Y There is a crispness in the air! Having it fill your lungs and it feels so great. The air is so fresh

Y The beginning of cuddle season. We all love it.

Y There is a certain peace in the air. Like the earth is taking a beautiful nap.

Y The holidays are better than summer holidays... don't get me wrong, I love July 4th but it is so hot!! In the fall, we get pumpkins and leaves to decorate with and other cool things.

Y The spicy aromas of fall. Think of all the wonderful pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg candles. Yumm...

Y I am not the biggest fan of football, but I do enjoy myself a BYU Cougars game. And when do they happen... the FALL!!

Y Cold noses... something nice about them

Y Being able to have a fire and light candles

Y Raking leaves. And if you are not going to be upset about RE-raking them, jumping in the pile of leaves


  1. wonderful tribute to the season that i love most :) oh i can't wait for the weather to turn, it's going to be magnificent.

  2. Also i wanted to let you know, that i do love the picture, it's perfect :)

  3. it's my favorite time of the year too. it seems that once halloween is over, i'm always a bit sad cause i love those few months when it's all about the fall and halloween.