Curly -vs- Straight

I have naturally curly hair that I have hated for many years. Only recently have I been able to 'tame' it- and it still is wild. I have been using a straightener for 5 years now and before that my hair was just half straight and waves, with me trying to figure out what to do. Now I am in a dilemma. I feel, for some reason, like I have to commit to one or the other. This may seem really trivial, and it kinda is, but it really is a difficult thing. My hair frizzes at the SLIGHTEST bit of humidity, it's super thick, and just hard to control. Here are my arguments for them both:
Curly: Not many women are "blessed" with curly hair that actually takes a decent shape and doesn't take forever to maintain, which I do. I have been doing research on it (yes, research- I research the heck out of anything that puzzles me) and though at first I would have to spend a decent amount of cash on good products, I could attain a pleasant curly-do for every day use. But most people recommend not shampooing your hair when you do it curly, and I don't know if I could ever do that. Also, I have fought curly hair my whole life because I was usually the only girl that actually had curly hair and wouldn't straighten and that wasn't very cool when I was younger so I feel like I need to stand up and accept myself for who I am- curly hair and all!! Sounds pathetic, I know.
Straight: It's smooth, almost frizz free with the right products, and every girl has it. I love having straight hair when I choose to do it, but I feel that the only reason why I love it is because the world has deemed that straight hair is what 'sexy' is and curly is what 'ugly' is. Also, and he'll hate me for saying this, Brad has said he likes straight hair better.
So, which one should I go with? Or should I just forget comitting to only one and keep going with switching it up? Very confusing... I can't wait until my hair is grown out... just a few more inches!!! I would like people's opinions... if you want to give them.


  1. WELL--I think that it's fun to switch things up, depending on what kind of mood you're in that particular day. But maybe you should post a picture of yourself with it curly and one with it straight so you're readers may decide!

  2. ok so here is what I say, for whatever it's worth...Keep switching it up!! Who wouldn't want to have beautiful curls one day and straight hair the next? And YOU can do that! Most people would love to have that advantage! But at the end of the day, it's all up to what makes YOU feel beautiful! :)

  3. kim, i was thinking of doing that. maybe i shall... i just need to wait for a good hair day :)

  4. I think I'm thinking on the same lines as Kim, I need to see a pic of you, mainly with the curly hair because I've seen you with straight hair a lot so I remember what that looks like. :) But you don't have to commit to one or the other.