Order of the Phoenix

I know this movie came out a few weeks ago, but I am still excited that I finally saw it: "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. I couldn't believe how fast the time went, it was so fast-paced. The fifth book had so much information in it that I understand why a lot of is was missing in this movie. I loved how they filled you in on important information in other ways- like Neville's parents. All in all I loved this movie. No matter what, I know I would have loved it. I also know I saw it differently than if I hadn't read the complete series beforehand.
There was probably only one part I would have changed just the tinsiest bit: the kiss... the much anticipated Cho and Harry kiss. Did anyone else think this was completely awkward????? I was covering my eyes, though still looking through my hands, saying, "Awkward... awkward, awkward, awkward!" I'm glad they only kissed once and didn't delve into that relationship too much.
I am looking forward to the sixth movie... it'll be interesting how they choose to film the movie and what information will be left out. I also wonder if Dobby will be back to be the small and random friend to Harry when Harry needs it most... for future events. We shall see...


  1. *****harry potter 7 spoiler*****
    i'm so sad! doby!!!!!!!!!! (i'm at the battle of hogwarts, holy cow this book is crazy!)

    yeah i loved this movie too.
    thought they did a great job.
    i would have changed one thing: the infamous fred and george exit from hogwarts - wish it would have been as funny as the book was!

  2. ***spoiler again: i cried when dobby died. but i cried like 4 times during the book.
    you're right- they could have made their exit a bit more 'flourished' like it was in the book. but man, umbridge was so good/evil!!