Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Last night/this morning, I attained my copy of the final installment of the Harry Potter books. We waited in line at Wal-Mart with red Gryffindor wrist bands, anxiously awaiting our turn to get our hands on the book. At 12:20 it was finally our turn- I jumped up and down with excitment... literally. I read one chapter before turning in for bed. This morning I woke up early with full purpose of reading more of my treasured book. Now, my husband has the book to try and catch up. Thus far, I am really enjoying the book. I will update later. I just wanted everyone to know that I am so excited and so scared to have this final book. Is Harry going to die? Or will one of his beloved best friend's take the kill for him? In time we will know the answer to all.... READ ON, FELLOW FANS, READ ON!

I have just finished the LAST Harry Potter book. I will write more later when more people have finished it because, frankly, it is just cruel to share your feelings and plot outlines on such an anticipated book and ruin it for the unsuspecting reader. Therefore, I have finished it and I read too much. Good day.


  1. went to target today and got mine and had a great conversation with the guy in the check out stand about it. i'm on chapter 6 and plan on reading for the remainder of the day and i have monday off so look out, i'll be at it all day ;) if ron dies i'll be sssssssssooooooooo sad.

  2. Thanks for not sharing yet! I'm hardly into to it yet since I worked Fri-Mon and then went straight up to YW's camp. Hopefully I'll have it done tomorrow or Monday at the latest. I was so bumed when I found out I couldn't read it all the first day it came out like I have with the other ones. Stupid work! But I knew I had to make myself sleep. I will be calling you my dear the minute I finish it so we can discuss! :) love you!