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I love music. I really do. Thus being said, I have decided to dedicate the occasional blog to music that I love. Whether it is what is in my CD player today, or what I listened to ten years ago, I am sharing my music interests. And I am a complete nerd because I am excited to do so.
Starting with the basics, let's give a shout out to my favorite band right now: Taking Back Sunday. I have loved them from their first album all the way up to their newest album, "Louder Now". What I love about all three of their albums is that each one is unique and you can tell the band grew with their music. It is most evident in the second and third album, mostly due to the fact that the second singer was replaced. The first album featured John Nolan, who has come to start his own band Straylight Run- but they'll be a different post. Adam Lazarra is the lead singer and he has some mad skills with the microphone- meaning watch out for your head! He swings the thing around his neck, throws it in the air and catches it... seriously crazy. I believe in England he injured a bandmate... all in good fun, right? The most popular song off of "Louder Now" is hands down "MakeDamnSure". Great song, fell in love with it the moment I heard it. But my favorite song off of the album is "My Blue Heaven". The blend of instruments is breath-taking and the climatic elements are incredible. Listen to it. Their second album, "Where You Want to Be", is also a great listen. Off of that album, I recommend listening to "Little Devotional" and "New American Classic". Taking Back Sunday, to me, is the perfect band to have blaring in your car stereo while you rock out incessantly.
*If you do not like all his talking, skip to like 3:25 in the video and the music will start soon after*

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