Blasts from the Past

This last Saturday we had a garage sale-- we had A LOT of things to give away in the end, but we still made a decent amount of money. But to prepare for the garage sale we got to rummage through all of our old boxes. I wasn't going to go through mine because I hate going through boxes, but I decided it was time to get rid of things. I have collected SO many useless things!!
I went through things I have had since my elementary school days. I found pictures from Science Camp, I found a picture from a 4th grade talent show... all these things showing my youthful awkwardness. :) I found a bunch of my school papers that I still want to hold onto- I'm such a dork! But I love it. I am an avid stuffed animal lover, though I have ceased to act on this love and not buy any. But my sister and I found a huge box of all our old stuffed animals and I was so excited!! Needless to say, we kept them all.
Then I found things from high school- Ripon High and Hillcrest. I only got two yearbooks from my high school career and they are both from Ripon High. I flipped through them and let's just say they did not spawn any wonderful memories. I am so grateful that we moved to Idaho when we did. I would like to say more, but it would just be so overly negative that I should just stop here. I found a yearbook signing pamphlet that Hillcrest had- it was weird when I went there. You buy like these inserts instead of signing yearbooks to put in your yearbook. Anyhow, the comments I got from people who had only known me one semester of school compared to people who I had grown up with was astounding. I love the people I went to Hillcrest with even though I wasn't really close to anyone there. They accepted me no questions asked and were my friends without me having to change myself.
It was really fun going through the boxes. It is amazing how many memories we forget about until we see certain objects. Though I really do not want to go through boxes for a while...


  1. i just read your myspace - so you guys are making the move huh? we'll miss you guys! so we definitely need to hand out a lot more than we do now.

    i was hoping you would post some of your "youthful awkwardness" on here. i don't think i've seen pics of you when you were younger. would be fun to see...

  2. umm... if you really want to see them, i could bring some over when you are down here next. i don't know if i'm brave enough to show the world my awkward days. they were bad! but we'll see if i change my mind...