A New Excursion

Who hasn't wanted to go on a spontaneous trip? All you have to do is pack a few essentials, hop in your car, and off you are! To the wonders of the world- the road will lead you to where you need to be! It is so thrilling, the idea of having no known end destination. I would like to say that is what I have just come from, but alas it failed.
Last week my mom and my sister, Rachel, were going to just dash around California to wherever and enjoy doing it! But my mom wanted to get a shot in her knee and it just didn't happen. They did decide, however, to postpone it. I personally feel that spontaneity cannot be postponed, but whatever- they broke a lot of rules that go along with spur of the moment trips. I joined in the merriment and soon we had reservations at a hotel in Tiburon, CA (another rule broken- there shall be no hotel reservations!). Where is Tiburon? It is right by Sausalito (yes it is a city and not just a delicious cookie), which is right on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. We went there yesterday. We were going to go to Half Moon Bay or stay in the city of San Francisco, but we wanted something new. Tiburon is a great little city!! I highly recommend people taking a little day trip out there. It is a small city and very rich, but they have this small main street with cute little boutiques. We spent the night at the Lodge at Tiburon and today we headed out to Sausalito. Another great little city. Sausalito has more shops to browse around at and keeps you a bit busier. The views of the bay are beautiful from each place- it was amazing! There is just something with the ocean- even though I didn't grow up right next to the ocean, it is still very much a part of me because we used to visit it a lot when I was growing up. After Sausalito, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. It was actually foggy so I got some pretty neat shots of that. We ended up at Fisherman's Wharf and just walked around. There isn't a TON of shopping here, but there are some interesting things to look at. We didn't go to it today, but there is a museum with antique games you can go play and they also have WWII ships, I believe. Pretty cool in there. I will say one of the best parts of the trip was when we found this Cannery place and it had a few shops in it and one of them had World Musical Instruments. Way cool!! But they had a really cute dog there that I absolutely fell in love with, which was really my favorite part. I hate it that I love animals so much...
I really enjoy seeing parts of California that I haven't really seen... and I feel I've seen a good portion. I am really hoping to start a travel log of what I experience to share with other people who want a good day trip or have never been here before.
View of the Bay from Lombard Street
View from Tiburon
View from Sausaito
I just loved the vines on this wall in San Francisco

It was really foggy! I just love fog!

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