Six Flags- Discovery Kingdom

A week ago from this last Saturday, we all were able to go to Six Flags- Discovery Kingdom for my dad's company picnic. I haven't been in like three years- the last time I went I am pretty sure Craig had just come home from his mission and I was engaged. It has changed a lot because it was Marine World then and now it has lots more animals... which is great by me!! We had a fun time. I mostly hung out with my parents since we didn't want to go on the rides and Brad and Rach went on a few. They have this tiger show which is pretty neat, except the 'main' tiger (the white Bengal tiger) didn't really feel like performing right away so it took the trainers some extra time for him to do his tricks. But it was so cool seeing the tigers perform! I love animals so I was really grateful to be around them and take pictures. I took way too many pictures of the animals and like none of my family! Oops. I am really glad we were able to spend the day together, but I don't think I'll be returning any time soon.

The sea lions on their perch
He just jumped from the other log
Grabbing a piece of meat under water- way cool!

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  1. looks like you guys had fun! i love that white tiger, that was my favorite part.