Talk about a labor of love. These bookcases were started in April. They were supposed to be done in April. Ha. I greatly underestimated the effort and time that these would take. Brad was amazing and worked so hard on these... burnt himself out a few times in the process, but who can blame him. We also had a few helpers, that without them, they would not be as great as they are. Thomas, my sister's fiance, helped design, cut, and assemble. One of the women I visit teach in our church, her husband has a whole wood workshop in their garage. He let Brad come over and they put the flutes in the small trim. He also let Brad take home some heavy-duty clamps to help wood glue the trim to the bookcases. Now, they are all done! Having bookcases makes the home feel so much more home-y. We still have some boxes to find of books and/or decor. Those empty shelves are begging to be filled! Brad wants to go on a book buying spree. I'm not against that :)
Close up of the trim
 I spy a wing back in progress! I just finished the cushion cover last night, so only a few more things to do, and that will be checked off our list as well
Another addition to our family room is our new couch! Our "old" couch isn't that old. But it's falling apart a bit and it's not our style anymore. The top criteria for our couch was deep, long, and cushy. A family snuggle couch, really. Most of what we liked was out of our price range. Holy cow, couches are expensive! Knowing that our boys are only going to get more active, we definitely didn't want to get an expensive couch and feel like they couldn't use it in fear of ruining it. We found the couch we wanted way back in January (which hit ALL criteria, including price), but wanted to make sure it was "the one". I went back three more times plus shopping at other local stores several times. We finally bit the bullet the end of June and the couch was here three weeks earlier than planned!  We absolutely love it. 
 The boys modeling the couch. They look so small on it
We've been in our new home for 10 months now and I love seeing it progress to ours. Putting our style and our stamp on it. Though it feels every time we check one thing off, we've already put three more things on our to-do list. Ah, well... Keeps us busy!