Four-Day Weekend

I'M ALIVE! Ha, wow... well, I guess I neglected the blog for a while. 5 weeks? Whoops. I have now committed to a certain mother (and Nana...) that I won't let a week go without posting. 

We enjoyed an awesome four-day weekend with the Fourth of July holiday. Summing up will be best with (looooots of) photos

 Night before the Fourth, picnic at the park. We fed ducks, but they want CRAZY and so no pictures
 Parade in Creswell- boys loved it
 Eugene area loves their Ducks- I don't know if the obsession will ever cease to amaze me
How Jack was the majority of the parade- he doesn't like loud car noises
Dancing hooligans- so darn cute
 Pool time at home
 Ladybug hunt
 Fireworks at home
Fireworks show in Springfield, over the Willamette River- great show!
Brad took Friday off and we took the boys to the Cascades Raptor Center, where they home birds of prey that are too injured to return to nature.
 Bald Eagle- so amazing to be so close
After Jack's nap, we headed up to the farm for some more animal time and fresh produce
Peering adorably into the bunny pen
On Friday we also did a sort of block party of clearance fireworks with some neighbors and that was super fun... but no pictures. Too much work corralling the boys with fireworks going off! Saturday was a lovely day at home with a short notice, but very much appreciated, visit from Brad's brother, Kyle, and his family. They have four kids and our kids just ate them up. Oh, to live closer to family! Memo to family: MOVE CLOSER.
Then, to top off the weekend, we had an unexpected visitor- my mom!
At 8:15, Brad was upstairs putting the boys down and there was a knock on the door. I open it to find my mom smiling at me. I was in shock, to say the least. I turn around to look at my sister and her smile told me she knew. Since the boys weren't asleep yet, we went and got them up to show them 'a surprise waiting downstairs'. Holy cow, were they so happy. What a way to end a four-day weekend! Now onto a week full of Nana!


  1. So fun to have your mom surprise you!

  2. Lucky boys to get a surprise visit from grandma!