Jack-Jack, the One-Year Old

One year ago today our little surprise joined our family. It was love at first cry. I got to hold my newborn while I was finishing my surgery, snuggling up his sweetness. An experience I will cherish forever. I was amazed at the red in his hair. I couldn't get enough of my chubby baby. 
It's been surreal watching Jack grow over this last year. Partially due to how big he is (we finally switched him to 18-mo clothes this last week). One of the best parts of watching him grow is seeing him with his brothers. Gavin is his favorite person, though James is Jack's biggest fan. 

More about Jack...
- he is a HAPPY baby. But when he is having a bad day... it's a bad day
- has been walking since 10 1/2 months. I love a walking baby. And he has loved keeping up with his brothers more
- sort of says "hooray". We have our own verse of "If You're Happy and You Know It... shout hooray", and he tries to say it every time. He has really said it a few times, but not always
- loves to wave "hi" and "bye"
- has eight teeth. Craaazy
- can give high fives
- has said "hi" and "bye bye", but not a lot
- looooves to eat
- is great at open-mouth kisses. And making "mwah" sounds
- can squeal like a banshee. You know he finds something especially funny when the laughing stops and the squeaaaaaaling begins
- is sooo cuddly
- loves to dance
- is very talkative... in his own baby way
- is one big trouble maker. Opening drawers, chewing on movies, getting into the brothers coloring stuff... Holy cow, he can get into everything. Makes dinner time kind of stressful
- like his brothers, he is such a mama's boy. Makes for quite the competition some nights between the three of them

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those first few weeks after having Jack. I would just hold him on our bed. Soaking him up. Watching him take in the world around him. Listening to his little coos. I felt so complete, so full of love. He was so little and so new. Though that was such a special time, now is something even better. His smiles, his excitement, his laughter, his speedy walk, his hugs... his everything. Can't beat it. So I will continue to soak this little dude up and love every minute.


  1. What a sweetie!!!!! Loves the post, mama! They grow up so fast. Holy 10 1/2 months walking!!!! What a busy boy.

  2. I love that little guy. So. Much.