Our Little TWO-Year Old

 August 11, 2010
First birthday
Second birthday (day before...)
Happy birthday, my sweet little boy. You truly are one of the happiest kids. I am so grateful for you and love every little bit of you. Your smile is contagious and you make me (and everyone else) smile and laugh all the time. I love to watch you learn and spout new words off every day.

I love you and always will, my little two-year old. 


  1. Happy birthday, little guy! Can't believe its been two years! What did you guys do for his birthday?

  2. 2 already!?!?!? He is just getting cuter and cuter everyday! What a sweetie!! Isnt it funny to look at baby pictures and they still look exactly the same!? Brinley still cries the same and it just makes my heart melt every time I think about her newborn cry. Except now, her cries are LOUD, but at least I can think of her cute newborn face while enduring the tantrum :-)

    Happy birthday Gavin!!!!!