Amateur Picassos

Haha... not even close. But we are enjoying art time every once in a while around here. I wish it was more often but... with a baby around, makes it difficult. 

We've had a hard time getting James to color on his own. He would rather have us help him and he watch us color the pictures. He is finally doing it himself and is so happy when he does it. Gavin loves crayons and is pretty good... except he eats them. Thankfully, that issue is getting better. 

Good thing, James loves to paint. He's done watercolors and he got a Winnie the Pooh paint-on-the-page book for Christmas. The watercolors are basically all brown now and he went through that paint book super fast one day. While at Target a little while ago, we got some finger paint!! I figured it was something he and Gavin can do. Surprisingly, Gavin was really good at it. Kind of better at it than James... I'm hoping to beef up our art supplies and delve into it more. Especially come this winter. It will be so much more fun this year to be cooped up with all the rain! 
Another popular art time we have is what-can-Mommy-draw. Not my favorite, but makes them happy. We typically use the Magne-Doodle. Let's be honest, grainy magnet drawings are never good (and if yours are, then you have waaaay more artistic talent than me... or a huge doodle pad...). Usually it is animals, which turn out decent on the doodle, but for some reason last week they really wanted Buzz and Woody. Oooookaaaay. They don't judge, so they appreciated my effort. On Saturday, we were out using sidewalk chalk and I had an epiphany... Draw them Buzz and Woody with chalk. They'd love it! I was so excited. Gavin tried to help me but I shooed him away (yes, I am a terrible mother. I take my chalk art too seriously). I couldn't wait to show them when I was all done. Reaction? Meh. Oh well. I was happy. 
Random question: do the pictures on my post show up pretty well on your computer?? Or, is my blog wonky at all?? We have a pretty wide screen so I want to make sure I'm not making them too big or anything or the blog isn't getting cut off oddly. I'm pretty sure I got the html to match up to whatever screen is viewing it a while back, but still... want to make sure :)


  1. Your pictures show up just fine on our computer! And I love the artists in your family,they do a great job! (Even you, with your sidewalk chalk!)

  2. Your Buzz and Woody rock! I could never draw anything that well. I'll come appreciate your art any time. And the pics are fine on my compy.

  3. Such cute pictures!!!

    WHERE on earth did you find those painter aprons??? Brinley looooves to paint and I need to pull them out more often. Such a good idea to get finger paint. I have some watercolor pallets and Brinley has basically mixed everything together so you can't exactly identify ANY of the colors :-)

    It's a perfect afternoon activity for us when it is too hot to enjoy going outside!!

  4. Great job with Buzz and Woody - I'd be the same way if I was trying to make something so cool =)