Photo Sesh

Fact: I don't have enough pictures with my kids
Fact: I am absolutely horrible at the hold-camera-at-arms-length shots so those don't work. ever

Yesterday Jack was being adorable, as usual, so I decided to take some pictures of him. Then I decided to make my sister take some of the two of us. And I love them (and there are lots so beware...).
 and this is apparently how i look when the other two boys shriek out of nowhere- hilarious
I also got a few observing shots of the other boys
gav was totally whining during this. he hides it well
please stop taking my picture, mom. gosh!
 james LOVES indiana jones and my parents got him a "jones" hat when they were in yosemite last year. he wears it all.the.time. he is our little adventurer for sure


  1. Very cute pictures. :) Your face is priceless!

  2. So true. I have s few pictures of just brin and I when she was a babe.

  3. Glad you finally took some pics with you Jack-Jack! Had to laugh at your face...too funny! I love that James has his "Jones" hat on, yet is playing with Batman! As for Gav - he is just adorable. :)