Dream Concert

What is your dream concert? Like, if you could have... hmm... three bands playing at one venue, who would it be? I have lots of bands I love, but at the top of my list is for sure Dashboard Confessional and Relient K. Their music always fits my mood, no swearing, awesome lyrics- doesn't get better. In fact, just last week I checked their sites to see if they'd be in our area anytime soon (no, they won't. grrrr...)

Well, guess what... at some bar last night my dream concert happened (along with Jack's Mannequin who are pretty good as well). It was only a quick jaunt to Australia... hey, boys, bring it to the US next time!

There was a video of Relient K doing a song from last night, but the sound quality was awful. Instead, I found a video of one of their many great songs. And while searching for it, I discovered their Karaoke album. Um, pretty sure I need this
Hopefully one day I will find myself at one of their concerts. Or they could repeat their duo close to where I live. That would be preferred :)

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