Merry Christmas, Happy Graduation, New Job, and I Love You

That basically covers this purchase

Say "Hello" to Brad's Black Friday buy. We had been planning on buying a new TV this year because ours is ooold so Brad went on the hunt on the great Black Friday. Definitely didn't plan on buying this big of a TV, but hey when it's a better deal than smaller TV's, why not go for it. 

Welcome to the family, Panasonic. 


  1. Looks fantastic! Welcome to the world of flat screens!

  2. So exciting!! Ry is already trying to scheme when we can upgrade our 26 inch flat screen. I can deal with basically anything, but he's like...what about sports?? lol I bet Brad watches football a bit differently now!! So great!

  3. congrats on graduation and the new job

    Bishop Fillmore

  4. Hey congrats on brad graduating! Where is he going to be working? Are y'all staying in Oregon? Sure miss y'all !!

  5. now you guys have four babies! love your new tv. brad actually went out and about on black friday? brave man. i thought about it, but decided my bed was more comfy.