Pumpkin Time

This past Saturday we had some visitors come into town... MY FAMILY! My mom, dad, and Rachel are here to help us all get ready for the baby coming this Friday (though my dad came more to see some cute grandsons and help the girls get here safely- he is sadly leaving today). Once they got here and settled, we headed out to a nearby "farm" to go get some pumpkins. 
We had so much fun. I had been to Thistledown Farms once before in the summer with some friends, but I had no idea they were going to have a pumpkin patch and other neat fall things going on. There was a horse-drawn carriage to the pumpkin patch (which we opted out of because we didn't really want to pay for it... we are so cheap...), corn maze, hay maze with a slide, pumpkins, apple donuts (which were a-m-a-z-i-n-g), apple cider, and, to top it all off, animals. James looooooved it (so did all of us). We saw roosters, chickens, goats, a pony, a donkey, more chickens, some bunnies, and horses. 
After getting enough of the animals (and James was freezing to death), we headed inside to take a look at all the yummy goodness they had and to pick out our pumpkins. The boys each got a mini pumpkin while Brad and I got a nice normal one for the two of us. What are we going to do with them? I have no idea. I had plans of doing something cute with several pumpkins, but I'm kinda busy this week (you know... getting ready for a baby and all...) so I nixed that idea. And I don't really want to carve them because they are just such fun fall decorations. So for now they will just grace our front porch and be beautiful in all their natural goodness.
I am sure we will be heading back to Thistledown Farms this week- James is already requesting to see the animals again. And the apple donuts may or may not be calling my name...


  1. How fun! If you don't want to carve the pumpkins, just use markers and draw faces on them. Well, in our case the kids just scribble and call it good. Either way it's a lot fun. Can't believe you're having a baby this week!! Good thing you'll have lots of help :)

  2. So fun! And James is enjoying the pictures with me! :)

  3. Okay cutest farm EVER! We don't have ANYTHING like that here!!!! Love that family pic of all you guys!

    Holy cow baby boy is almost here!!! ahh soo excited for yall!

  4. How fun! And great that you'll have your mom and Rach there for you! Awesome! I'll be thinking of you Friday!