Our First Little Boy

James, October 2010
I've been noticing (and it's probably just me) that someone has been a tad overlooked on the blog. And that is James. What in the world is going on in little James' life?? I chalk this up to a few things: 1- he won't sit still for a picture for the life of him (and i like posting with pics), 2- new things happen a lot less, 3- he has a bad mom. Hopefully I'll do a little better on updating on all my kids in the upcoming months!
James, October 2011
- James is growing up way too fast. it is unbelievable how big he is getting!
- he took his time last year learning/wanting to talk and is doing great right now. he is such a little parrot- seriously, watch what you say! though still not always clear, he is working on it and thinking through what he wants to say.
- still loves being a big brother (for the most part). gavin is putting up a fight more with toys so that gets to be fun. but they still make up and giggle together. and that truly is fun :)
- has a great imagination. i love watching him play and talk with his toys. his best friends right now are his Woody doll and Cat in the Hat doll. 
- loves to read books. he has memorized a lot of his books and just amazes me at what he can remember
- has been potty trained for a little over a month and did/does great
- such a runner. our time outside is usually limited because he likes to run away from us (and pregnant mommy cannot run after him anymore). hopefully this stage ends... or at least have him listen a tad more :)
- still obsessed with horses, but not quite as much. seems to come out more when visiting with friends
- loves trying to say prayers. in nursery he learned this little poem he surprised us with: "fold our arms, bow our head, close our eyes, prayers are said" 
- still our little love. i really don't want this part to ever go away- just love my james loves!
- has a "pirate bag" that we take with us everywhere. you know, the essentials: sippy, snack, horses, samurai toy... 
That is our little 2 1/2 year old. I can't believe he'll be 3 in December. We love James and are so grateful for his bright little spirit in our family. He is such a ray of happiness. I love watching him and Gavin become friends. As much fun as it would be to pause him, it is just so great to see him grow and learn! 

We absolutely love our James


  1. it sure seems like he has grown up a lot lately! his baby-ness seems to be gone. :(
    but that is okay, since he will be the big, big brother soon! very, very soon!