Our Fabulous Weekend

Our weekend was awesome. So so awesome. And here is why: 1- my sister and mom were in town for a few days (super yay!), 2- our anniversary, 3- went on a date!, 4- had a baby shower for #3. Prepare yourself for photo overload :)
Rach and my mom decided to come up for a few days to take a look around Eugene and just enjoy time with us and the boys. I cannot tell you how great it was to have them around. I've been a bit stressed lately and it was great timing on their part to come up this weekend. We shopped, talked, went out to eat, played games at night, and just had fun. On Friday night, we went out to VooDoo Doughnuts- yum yum. I love Downtown Eugene at night- soooo many interesting characters, it's awesome. Here is a pic of us before our grand adventure: 
Saturday was a busy day for us. Since Rach and my mom were in town, we decided to move the baby shower my friend Ashley was throwing for me a few weeks early. It was an amazing baby shower- thank you thank you THANK YOU, Ashley! The theme was 'Mustache Bash'. Mustaches were everywhere (including my shirt) and we played 'Name that 'Stache' game. So fun and cute. I felt so spoiled. 
The adorable rag quilt my mom made for the Mister
Ashley and I
Saturday night Brad and I went on a date. A date! We have only been on three since Gavin was born over a year ago so this was a major deal. We decided to go to a local Italian restaurant called Mazzi's. I got the Seafood Fettuccine and Brad got the Chicken Toscana. Definitely loved going there- though in my jeans, flats, and cardigan I oddly enough felt dressed up since a bunch of Oregon fans decided to go there right after the game. Lots of yellow and green!
On the way home we got a Peanut Buster Parfait at Dairy Queen- seriously, love those things.
Sunday was our anniversary- seven years! Wowsers. We celebrated by going to church and enjoying the last day with my mom and sister. It was great :)

Now we are back to reality, with just the four of us. But life will definitely not be too boring- school starts back up next week and we will be going back to that chaos. Oh the fun...


  1. 7 years is definitely something to celebate! I can't remember the 7 yrs fact, but I'm pretty sure that once you make it to 7 years, you're pretty much going to make it to 50+. The % of couples getting to 7 yrs is SUPER loooooooow from what I remember. Okay, weird that I said that. BUT Congrats!!!! Aren't dates so funny because we end up talking about Brinley the entire time anyways. hahaha but being alone out somewhere is special.

    The baby shower theme is awesome!!!!! Mustaches are so funny....Brad should have made a special appearance with a grown out mustache. Ry likes to grow one during finals week. YIKES. Anyways, you guys are awesome! and your belly is adorable!!

  2. Yeah for dates. I know that lack of date feeling. How nice of Ashley to throw you a shower. Who knew after all these years you be living in the same town again.

  3. yay for dates!! and for me visiting too. i gotta get back on the job search wagon, sort of fell off it this last week. whoops. love you!

  4. The mustache baby shower theme is so adorable! And I love the mustache shirt!! And reading about how much you enjoyed spending time with your mom and sister reminds me of how lucky I am to have them nearby and be able to spend so much time with them. I hope we don't have to move away from the Bay Area anytime soon, but as I'm sure you know, anything can happen so I'm definitely going to appreciate hanging out with them more.

  5. Now my turn to comment on your blog! I LOVE peanut buster parfaits too! Um, that's tragic that you've only been on three dates since Gavin was born. Let us watch your boys at least once before little man #3 arrives so you can go out in your sweet new ride.

  6. Oh, and thanks for posting a pic from the shower where I look really dumb.

  7. What a stinkin' CUTE CUTE shower! I love the 'staches everywhere, adorable! I really am so excited for you guys Amy!!

  8. **And you better take Shawna up on her offer for another date night! She sounds super great!!