craigslist finds

We had a busy craigslist week last week. We bought three things off of craigslist- all due to baby arriving soon, of course.

First find: dresser
The boys use aaaallll of their dresser so we definitely needed some more space. I had kind of forgotten about the need of a dresser until a week or so ago and right when we started searching again, I found exactly what I had had in mind. Yay! And I think we got it for a great price (considering how expensive dressers can be, sheesh). As much as I love this dresser, we are refinishing it. I'm not big on this color of wood. I wanted to get a 'before' picture buuuuut Brad jumped the gun and started taking hardware off and sanding before I could. Hey, can't complain about him getting it done! So here is where it stands now:
Refinished end result will be another post :)

Second find: bike stroller
These are hard to find around here. Everyone bikes. Everyone wants one of these. We were totally thrilled when we finally found a good listing for the bike stroller. It converts from bike stroller to being just a double stroller for walks. Bonus. We love it 
and so do the boys

Third find and grand prize winner...
We bought a car!!! 

Yes, we definitely need more space for Mister #3. Long story short: started looking 3 months ago, did lots and lots of research (van vs SUV, etc), almost bought 2 cars before this (one I didn't feel good about, one totally fell through on the seller's end). Then... this car was listed. In Eugene. Most of the cars at a decent price are in Portland, two hours away. We needed this car to work. And work it did. They even accepted our low-ball offer. Needless to say, we are in love.
craigslist, you done us good :)

So happy to check these off our list- now just 3 weeks and 1 day and we've got this little boy checked off too! But who's counting...


  1. certainly not you! you haven't been counting at all...have you?! i love all the good deals you got, especially the car. so glad you low balled the offer and they took it! :)

  2. HOLY COW!!!! Um, love you Honda Pilot (am I right?? looks like it) it is BEAUTIFUL! and I'm sure SOOO roomy. I can't imagine driving an SUV like that! Yall are stylish! That dresser also looks like a great find. and that bike stroller! Oregon folks are such granola's I'm not surprised to hear that everyone bikes there!!!!

    um, did you say that right or make a typo?? 3 WEEKS?????????? 3 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS???!?!?!?!?! holy cow!

  3. Awesome deals! Gotta love Craigslist. I bet the boys will love the trailer/stroller. I don't have a trailer but I have a double jogger and boy did I get a lot of use out of that! Good choice on the SUV-definitely a boy vehicle :) Can't wait for little guy #3! I'm thinking you're ready haha!

  4. Yeah for craig's list. I always look for things on there but never buy anything. Great finds.