All You Need Is...

This past week was Spring Break/term break. Brad starts his third term this Monday. Boo (but yay, too). You wanna know what we did that was super fun this week for Spring Break? Absolutely nothing. And not in a good way. We had plans to go to the coast, but guess what... I got sick. Of course I do the week we get to spend together and relax. Of course!! You can tell I'm none too happy about it. Luckily, it's only a cold. But it still bugs me. I thought I was getting over it, but today slammed me back down to reality. We went to Costco hoping the laptop we wanted/needed was there (it wasn't) and then browsed some. Yeah... I was about ready to faint by the time we got to the car. Love that feeling. But Brad has been trying to take care of me and it's been niiiiiiice. 
I decided since mommy wasn't feeling good, mommy got to watch one of her movies today. And I chose Emma. I love this movie. Love. How can you not?? Hope you all have seen it. Anyways... so you know that scene where Emma is playing the piano and singing? Then Frank Churchill (Ewan McGregor) starts to accompany her on the second verse? And you swoon a little at his voice and smile? It always makes me think of Moulin Rouge when Ewan McGregor comes out of no where and has this incredible voice! And you instantly fall in love with him. Well... I did. Seriously another one of my all time faves. Now I can't get Moulin Rouge out of my head. So I've decided I'm relaxing once again and watching it tonight. And I will thoroughly enjoy it and sing as much as my cold-ridden voice will allow. And wish I could dance like the dancers in Roxanne.


  1. Take it easy, relax and GET WELL! :)
    So sorry you are sick, still!

  2. can't get enough of "christian" ~ i need to have a moulin rouge night myself here pretty soon :)

  3. ps: that video isn't working. (sad face)