Baking Pals

I did a something last week that is hardly ever done in my house: I baked. Don't get me wrong, I love to bake. I love to be in the kitchen. But I just never make the time for stuff like this. So I finally did. Gavin was down for a nap, Brad was home, James was (mostly) behaving and distracted. Time to don my apron and get going! So I thought. I promptly heard some incoherent ramblings from a tiny someone... yes, James was tugging at my apron and pointing at my other (and smaller) apron for him. It was adorable and I promptly tied the waist apron on the Jamers. My volunteer was ready to get going! He quickly grabbed his two favorite "toys"- his spatula and his spatula... but two different kinds. Seriously, why are they both called spatula? Beyond me. Moving on... 
We set out to work... meaning, I did everything and he ran around in all his apron cuteness. I'm pretty sure I need to make him one (maybe in a nice blue, or green, or anything but pink) now. His assistance didn't last long, but I survived and turned out some decent chocolate chip cookies. I'll tell you this much- the husband suuuuure enjoyed the baking. 
 Gotta love toddlers not holding still...


  1. mmmmm yumm. i want one. please send in express mail. thank you

    also you're kid is cute. did you know that? and you're pretty. did you know that?

    love you

  2. How fun! Love James in the apron! I am sure Brad ate almost all those cookies himself! He is a cookie monster after all! ;)

  3. What a good mother/wife to actually bake the cookies yourself. I may or may not be the one who buys cookies and puts them on a plate trying to pass off that I personally baked them. Love the aprons! James looks good in pink ;)

  4. You made cookies...


    hehe. kidding...sorta.

    (Now that I have gone from background blog lurker to participating member, I think I deserve a cookie.)