James- 2 days old
I cannot believe little James is 2. Goes by waaaaay too fast. At the beginning of December, we taught him: "How old are you James?" "Two". And he has the cutest little boy voice and says 'two' in the cutest little way. So in love with my Jamers. 

We love our James more than we can say. He is hilarious and such a happy boy. I sometimes wish I could pause him. But time keeps ticking and the next stage is just as much fun :)

Here are some pictures of the birthday celebration
 James went craaaazy with the two balloon bouquets he got
  Mickey Mouse cake. Sooo the red stuff I was writing in decided to EXPLODE out on the 'A'. Boo. But the Mickey Mouse and star cutouts are in marshmallow fondant- yum
 Mickey Mouse cupcakes!
 Can you tell he loved it?
All in all, an awesome birthday. We love you, James


  1. Fun cake and cupcakes....now I want Oreos. Good job James and replying 2. My James won't say it.

  2. Growing up waaay too fast! Sad and fun all at the same time...I guess that's life! (how I wish you were little again!) :)