Sewing Project

One of the best gifts ever to receive as a newly married couple is... Target Gift Card. Oh yeah. Because they just add up and up and up and you get to decide what to spend it on! It is wonderful! 

We thoroughly enjoyed using ours and one of the gifts/purchases we got was a laundry basket. Yup, and I love it. It is one of those ones that wheels around, collapses, and has two baskets so you can separate your lights from your darks. I hate separating clothes. This was perfect for me. May not be the prettiest thing, but it did the job wonderfully.

Now, as you know, we aren't exactly newlyweds anymore ;) so our laundry baskets have seen a lot of usage. And it is really, really showing. Exhibit A:
Notice the basket falling off the strings from the fabric breaking
I ultimately wanted to make new ones with cute fabric. I went shopping, found adorable fabric, did the math, and said no. I figured buying new, boring ones would be less expensive... I don't remember spending that much money on it. I was wrong. From what I could find, it was about $20 more expensive to buy a new one. Onto the sewing project then (oh- and I got the original-adorable fabric I wanted on sale. so awesome)!

Little fact about myself- I don't really sew. I have used a sewing machine a hand full of times. I am what you call a novice seamstress. Sewing intimidates me. Not just because I am so beginner, but I have a mother-in-law who is amazing at sewing and a mom who can certainly hold more than her own when it comes to this. Hence why my mom did most of this project :) I probably contributed 10%... 
I love love love it! I am hoping to do more projects (on my own, I know I have to someday) and continue to develop this (dare I say) talent. 


  1. Cute! Good Job, see sewing isn't that bad!

  2. ...if only the button-holer was working correctly! Still, it turned out cute even though we had to adapt! :)

  3. cute cute! What a better time to get better at sewing than while you're there with your mom!?

  4. Fabulous so cute! I'm no sewer either, but I'm trying to learn here and there.

  5. Way to be handy. I did the same thing to a laundry basket that we no longer have.

  6. I have those same laundry baskets (3 of them, you will have more laundry when you have four kids). I wish I had those skills to "fix" mine, I have sewn the button hole parts back together by hand and it seems to work for a while. We miss your family and will be excited to see the new little one. Tell your mom and dad "hello"