Day for Mothers

I love Mother's Day. What a wonderful day to celebrate all the mothers in our lives. 
I am so blessed to have an amazing mother. I feel like every year I understand the role she has had in my life and my gratitude for her grows. I loved having a stay-at-home-mom that I knew would be waiting for us when we came home from school. My mom listens better than anyone I know and has helped me and guided me through some very difficult times in my life... and the not-so difficult :) She is a great example and someone I call friend. I love you, mom.
I also feel extremely blessed to be a mom myself. I love my James and our little Chip on the way. Being a mom is a gift and I am so grateful for my babies. Motherhood can definitely be difficult, but compare the bad and the good of being a mom... no contest. The good far outshines the bad. I love being a mom.

So Happy Mother's Day to all you women out there- whether moms, mom-to-be's, waiting to be moms, aunts, sisters... 

You all are amazing women in my life and I thank you for your examples and love.

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  1. Motherhood is the best, even though it is full of ups and downs. Thanks for the love, hon, you, your sister and brothers have enriched my life more than I can say. I am one lucky mommy! :)