Minor computer drama: Last week our computer monitor went on the blitz- as in, stopped working. That was fun. Luckily my parents had a spare screen so they sent it to us (which is much cheaper than buying a brand new one!). Then I had all my California pictures on my camera and I forgot my connector cable at my parents house. Yay me! I had put some of them on my flash drive before I left, but not a whole lot. So now I finally have all my pictures loaded up! About time, I say. Now that "drama" is all out of the way, I can post once more. And warning: a bajillion pictures await you below.
While we were in California, my parents took us to Monterey. I love love love going to Monterey and haven't been able to go the past few years- so it was definitely on our to-do list. I normally like going to the aquarium that is there, but I figured it'd be best to go next year with James when he is actually aware of cool little sea animals as opposed to now.
First stop was a little place my family always stops at. They always order clam chowder in a bread bowl- delish! Well, for them- I don't like clam chowder so I usually just have some of their bread. This time we did try their calamari and it was SO good! Then we headed over to Paris Bakery for some real French food. No pictures of that, but it was so yummy.
We drove around Carmel and it was the coolest drive! There were these amazing houses that were basically cottages but big! We took pictures, of course. Take a look at their roofs- crazy stuff going on!
And I have never seen the ocean so blue and clear. It was the perfect day to go. The funny thing (well, to me) was while we were there I had several people from our ward call me about some things. Only day they called while on vacation. All asked how I was doing- all I had to do was say, "I'm looking at the ocean." I was then informed Idaho was in the mid-50's, if that. Made it even more perfect :)We then headed over to 17-Mile Drive. We didn't go the full way because of the baby- he doesn't exactly love his car seat. Our first stop on this drive (well, where we actually got out) was the famous Lone Cypress Tree. Then we headed over to a big must-see on this drive... Pebble Beach! I don't remember ever going there before and Brad loves golfing so we stopped there. I half expected him to kiss the green :) I got a way cool shirt on sale while we were perusing the shops. After all this driving, we headed over to the wharf. We got James a little "Monterey, CA" t-shirt. Looks so cute- I'll have to take a picture of him in it one of these days.Then we headed home. We were so beat. James was a trooper and for the most part was a good baby. He can't be perfect :) I honesty cannot wait to take him there when he is older and have him fall in love with the ocean like I have.

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  1. Lucky. I really can't wait to go some place warm again. Idaho gets so cold. I wouldn't mind it so much if I knew that the summers would compensate. So far it has been a bummer. But it is still beautiful up here.