Calaveras Big Trees

Alright, time to start the never ending (or feels like it) posts of our trip to California. The Monday after we got there, we had a little day trip with some of Brad's family to Calaveras Big Trees. It's about an hour and a half away from where we were, which I was grateful for. Not the biggest fan of long drives. We were deciding between Muir Woods and Calaveras and obviously Calaveras won. I absolutely love Muir Woods but Bay Area traffic, no thank you! We chose the North Grove trail because it's only a mile and a half. Downside was the trail was pretty muddy and had some snow on it (didn't I leave Idaho to get away from snow?), but still was beautiful. Calaveras is full of redwoods that just tower over you.
A very large stump
If you look closely (and I just saw this) you can see Brad's brother, Greg
Brad with his brother, NeilI was trying to get an action shot... oh well
Three generations- family tree :)Can you believe how tall they are? So neat!
James really does seem to sleep through anything entertaining
The whole gang (except me, the wonderful camera-woman) in between two trees that were cut for the trail.Story: Back in the good old days, there was some competition between State Parks. In Yosemite, they had cut a hole in one of their trees that was attracting a lot of tourism. Well, Calaveras did not want to be one-upped so they did it to this tree. Unfortunately, this tree did not fare well after and it could not support it's top half. Past the trail was the top of the tree which had fallen off. This tree is the "Mother" (they used to name their trees). Redwoods have a very protective bark which contains a chemical to protect them from fires. Well, they did not know this a few decades back. They stripped her bark to show the East Coast this amazing find. A wildfire came through and this tree had nothing to protect itself from the elements. You can see more in the bottom picture of the damage it took.
Though it was a tiring day, I am so grateful we were able to see more of California's beauty. I just love all that it has to offer. Brad and I loved that we were able to experience both the mountains and the ocean (later post) while visiting our home state.

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  1. sad i wasn't there with you guys! neil liked it and wants to go back.