Annoying pregnancy trait: forgetfulness.
I already had this problem before I was pregnant, but wow is it out of control now! I have been forgetting homework, quizzes, things Brad tells me, amongst many other things. But the other night this really really got to me.
I was making Cauliflower Soup (it's delicious and I don't even like cauliflowers)and when I make soup, I also like to make my own garlic bread. Usually I just butter the bread and spread garlic over it, but I thought that this time I would melt the butter with the garlic in the pan so that way I made my own garlic-butter. It worked- go me! I take it off the burner, turn off the burner, get my pastry brush out, brush the bread with my garlic-butter, and put it under the broiler for a few minutes. While that was cooking away, I preceded to accidentally leave my plastic ladle on the still-hot burner I had just used- now there is pink plastic on my burner still. I smashed my finger between a plate and the block of cheese I was grating- it hurt. My soup got hot really fast and started bubbling and popping everywhere. I was fed up.
I checked on my garlic bread- smelt good, still not done. Waited a few minutes and then it was perfectly golden- but there was an odd smell. Hmm... I pulled it out and looked at my pan. There, on the side, I had left my pastry brush. I had broiled my pastry brush! It smelt so weird, and the plastic was still bubbling and oozing. I was so mad at myself. Now it's pretty funny, though. Brad tried to make fun of it right away but he quickly silenced when he saw me giving him the not-funny-yet-maybe-later look. He then tried to convince me we could salvage it. Nope, getting a new one. I highly doubt my forgetfulness will get 'cured' once the baby is out so I am going to have to learn to really watch what I do. Who knows what I'll do next.


  1. Sad little pastry brush... went the way of all the world.

  2. Ahhhahahahahahaaaaa! I'm still laughing, this is hilarious! I just read this to Jeff and he didn't think it was as funny as I do...I swear, I can just totally relate! I'm dying this is too funny!!! I swear, it gets worse with each kid too...scary!

  3. That's so funny! I'm sure I've done a few strange things while I was pregnant but I can't remember! See...it doesn't go away! Thanks for babysitting last night. Rylee woke up this morning asking for Brad. I told her he was with Amy and she said, "why Amy?" Awww..crushes. I asked her if she wanted me to read her a book and she said, "no, Amy read book". Guess I'm not allowed yet. Thanks again!

  4. it's funny how that is. for me it didn't go away but got worse because of lack of sleep. we went to target the other day to buy some stuff and i walked half way out to the car and realized i left it all at the register. sad isn't it. at least i didn't forget the baby...