My Pooch

Here is an almost 19-week belly shot... not the best pic of me, but it's the tummy that matters! The pregnancy is going really great thus far- I'm eating A TON and our grocery bill just keeps getting higher and higher. I am trying to eat healthy, but it is a little hard when I'm at work for half of my day. So if anyone has any suggestions for healthy-work snacks, let me know.
I started feeling the baby a little over a week ago. Such a crazy, yet very cool, feeling! The first time I felt it, it was like something poked me from the inside. It also happened to be on my mom's birthday, so I'm glad the baby made her day even more special by moving on that day! I probably felt the baby before that "first" time, but I am such a doubter and write things off that I didn' think about it too much. I need things to be obvious to have it count! But since I've started feeling the baby, he/she moves around quite a bit during the day and night. The other night, in fact, I was almost asleep (which is a big deal for me) and I was on my side. All of a sudden, the baby moved SO much and it felt like he/she took a finger and ran it across my abdomen. Totally woke me up... Brad thought it was cute and I wish the baby would choose a better time to be cute. But I love it! Brad has been able to feel it, too. Definitely helps him connect to the baby more.
We'll be finding the sex out soon, which we are very excited for. I'm trying to control my anxiety (as much as anyone can really control anxiety!) and not lose patience with having to wait. I've been decently good. It's crazy to think it's almost half-way done and in less than six months we'll actually be able to hold our baby. We both feel so very blessed to be experiencing this. I love how people ask me what I want to have- I want a baby! But Brad and I finally have started to 'feel' like it's a certain gender, which we are trying to keep a secret until we find out. We'll admit if we're wrong then, but for some reason we both don't want to tell. Most people are guessing girl... I've heard one or two boy guesses. We shall see very very soon...


  1. Look at your cute little belly already poking out! And you look great! That's so fun you guys can feel the baby moving. I bet your mom absolutely loved her birthday present from the new grandchild! :) Love ya!

  2. If you like boiled eggs, they are an easy protein snack. When I was pg I would boil like 6 at a time them keep 'em in the fridge for when I was so hungry I needed to eat now.

  3. cute pooch! enjoy the movements while they're not jabbing you in the ribs ;) hope to see you guys soon.

  4. You look so cute! I'm loving hearing all the "firsts", it's such a fun feeling and it just gets better and better!!! Can't wait till Thursday!

  5. You are soooo cute! What a beautiful pregnant woman!

    You know that I am guessing boy, but I wish I knew what you think it is. I firmly believe in mother's intuition. I have been RIGHT for all 3 of mine. I think moms can just "know."

    Can't wait to hear the news tomorrow!!!!